About Sustainable Social Solutions

Sustainable Social Solutions is about co-creating vibrant beautiful, regenerative and sustainable organisations, communities and a healthy society. We warmly welcome you to our community as we create a vital and fun world together.

We do this by:

  1. Researching community technologies and issues and other online research
  2. Organising, Participating in and recording community conversations and other educational and community support gatherings
  3. Generating community education resources e.g. website, blogs, video logs, book, card decks, etc
  4. Community support work e.g. Gardening and garden maintenance, home maintenance
  5. Consulting to different communities and community organisations supporting them with their community building activities including culture, governance, structure, permaculture, environment, social impact
  6. Community centre establishment – all things related to setting up a community centre
  7. Mentoring and Incubating other Social Enterprises

 Technologies we use include:

  1. Teal / Self managing organisations
    1. Holacracy (Sociocracy 3.0) for organisational governance
    2. GlassFrog for governance documentation
  2. Social approach
    1. Quadruple bottom line - Greater Purpose, Planet care, People care, Profit share
    2. B-Corp certification
    3. Permaculture and holistic management
  3. Start up methodologies
    1. Lean Startup for incubating new organisaitons
  4.  Project methodologies
    1. Agile for project management
    2. Pivot tracker for project tracking
  5. Restorative practices
    1. Restorative circles for conflict resolution
  6. Mindfulness
    1. Kensan for harnessing group wisdom and making better decisions
  7. Vertical Development / Maturity / Personal growth
    1. Spiral Dynamics Psychometirc Tesing

Current Projects:

Sustainable Social Solutions is providing organisational mentoring, start up funding, adminstration and other support to the folloowing proejcts:

  1. BIGS - Byron Initiating Global Solutions - Currently in start up identity creation phase, BIGS vision is for Byron Shire taking a leading role to initiate global solutions for a thriving and harmonious future for all life. BIGS will achieve this by acting as a catalyst to support local ideas to become global solutions. We promote partnerships, provide access and advocacy, facilitate mentoring and incubation, assist impact investment and develop collaborative spaces.
  2. FOC - Freedom of Choice - link - a community based, not for profit organization. FOC’s mission is to empower people to each chart their own unique future, to make decisions based on all available information and to use non-violent and respectful actions to practice our inalienable, unassailable right to  'Freedom Of Choice'.
  3. Life Force Food Gardens Link - mission is to provide high quality, nutrient dense food to raise consciousness and improve health and well-being in our community. All food at LifeForce is organically grown with Ormus, Agni Hotra Ash, Love and Mantras in Byron Shire in loving care of our Mother Earth
  4. iFarms - link - is building Australia’s first state of the art energy independent hydroponic enterprise. With comprehensive MGS automation and control, this 4.6 hectare glasshouse will supply up to 20 million units of leafy green fresh produce annually.
  5. Our Mullumbimby - link - Vision is for food to be community owned and localised. This project's aim was to make the local supermarket community owned. Over $1.9m was raised but unfortunately it was nto quite enough for this project to go ahead.

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